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Chris George, unfortunately, was born without a sense of humour. So the rest of this biography will be dry and bland.

Chris is an actor, writer, poet, JUNO nominated singer, and voice-over artist born and raised in London, ON who grew up making his older siblings laugh. When asked why he acted the way he did, the sage 2 year old responded 'because the kids think it's funny!' That motto has followed him through his life.

Growing up hours away from the Stratford Festival, Chris found an intense love for Shakespeare and for words, and knew he wanted to do nothing but speak and tell stories for the rest of his life.

After graduating from the University of Windsor's BFA Acting program with distinction and at the top of his class (2011), Chris moved to Toronto where he has worked consistently in both theatre and film. He can be currently seen weekday mornings on CBC playing Gisbert Grasshopper in 'The Moblees', getting children all across Canada to get up and get moving.

Chris is described as "hardworking, tenacious, passionate, talented, a joy to work with" and "a leader amongst his peers" by veritably every director and producer he comes into contact with. He feels very blessed he gets to work on what he loves, and is constantly driven to surpass the accomplishments he achieved the previous day.


On the stage, Chris has performed in New York, Toronto, Halifax, all across Ontario, and even at the White House for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Aside from his JUNO nominee for his work on The Moblees, Chris has been nominated for two awards for his work in the Toronto theatre scene, one Merritt award for his work in the Halifax theatre scene, as well as winning Employee of the Month for the past 36 consecutive months from ChrisGeorgeInc. 


Currently, Chris is in the process of writing and developing a new comedic web-series "Wrong-Side-Up", in addition to numerous film and tv writing projects. In the theatre world, he is actively expanding his one man show titled 'Glasses for the Brain', and just released his first EP under his hip hop pseudonym 'The Oddity' entitled 'Variety Pack.' 

He currently resides in Toronto, ON. 



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